"prideArt Berlin" meets "inside the darkness"

a peacefull collection

Welcome to my world and thanks for your interest.

the idea behind "inside the darkness" meet "Peace"


In situations where you feel like the reality is to much you can close your eyes. The world around you will be released and the peaceful miracle begins. Your eyes and your brain will try to see something within the darkness. Probably you see flashes, colours or stardust. It can be a peaceful moment in a troubled time.

"Inside the darkness" follow this minimalistic approach.


Take your time and watch the pixels moving.     

the technique

All artworks are animated single shot pictures.

Means one photography was taken, procced and animated at the time.

There is no collagen or multiple exposure in this collection. Sometimes I use a picture for several art-pieces as a base. That helps me to show you different angels of my kind of viewing.


copyright Björn Berg