inside the darkness

a growing collection

Welcome to my world and thanks for your interest.

From time to time I will update this page, so it is most likely that you will find more informations, if you visit next time.


the idea behind "inside the darkness"

The collection shows the (beautiful) failure of technical imperfection, to remind us of the beauty of our own imperfection itself.


I have used different mobile phones, from different ages to shot the pictures. There was my first clamshel-mobile phone from 2003 for example. it is still working :) it's unbelievable what "dirt" this phone produces. I love it.

 The transfer of the pictures from the phones to the computer was not an easy thing, I can tell.


The pictures (base-material for the animated results) where taken in the dark. Under this circumstances the cameras produces special light spots, wich I'm using for the interpretation.


It is like you cover your eyes inside the darkness. your eyes/brain send you thousands of miracle stars.


the technique

All artworks are animated single shot pictures.

Means one photography was taken, procced and animated at the time.

There is no collagen or multiple exposure in this collection. Sometimes I use a picture for several art-pieces as a base. That helps me to show you different angels of my kind of viewing.


copyright Björn Berg