7th regional show "About us"

location Drostei Pinneberg

From May 8th till June 19th 2022


Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m

(On Thursday, May 26th the exhibition will be closed)


Admission: 4€/ reduced 2€, pupils, students and federal voluntary service: free



Sunday, May 8, 2022, 11 a.m

Dr Dagmar Lekebusch Introduction

free entry


77 artists are showing new works from the years 2020-2022, a time that was challenging for everyone, and even more so for those involved in culture.


"About us" is the unifying element that connects all of these very different artistic positions and genres and invites the viewer on an exciting and varied "visual" journey.


Together with our cooperation partner, the Künstlergilde Kreis Pinneberg e.V. (artists' guild), we present paintings, prints, drawings, photography, objects, collages, watercolors, etc.


 Participating artists:


 Kiera Bahl ; Renate Basten ; Christiane Bauer ; Bjorn Berg ; Maiken Brathe ; Ute Bresch ; Christian Burgdorff ; Cornelia Bush ; Ludwig Davids ; Thomas Dobberstein; Jan Eustergerling ; Kai Feddersen ; Petra Gieffers ; Selma Gobel ; Maren Goericke ; Andreas Grabinski ; Berthold Grzywatz ; Silke Gunther ; Svea Gustafsen ; Annelie Haack ; Frank Haamann ; Karl Friedrich Hacker ; Marietta Hagedorn ; Johannes Hartmann ; Antonia Louise Emily Haydn ; Hayo Heye ; Karin Hilbers ; Carmen Hillers ; pink hip ; Pia Hodel-Winiker ; Elmer Jacob ; Ralf Jurszo ; Christine Karbaum ; Catherine Kleinfeld ; Carsten Koch ; Ines Kollar ; Petra Kost ; Sabine Kramer ; Brigitte Kratschmayr ; Beate Kratt ; Heidi Krautwald ; Volker Kretschmer ; Walter Krohn ; Astrid Kroemer ; Beata Long ; Anabel Leiner ; Vivi Linneman ; Hanna Malzahn ; Silke Marohn ; Armin Butcher ; Martin Musicol ; Falk Friedwald Mussul ; Kai Niebuhr ; Frances Palgrave; Frauke Petersen ; Clara Peterson ; Annegret Polle ; Jens Rausch ; Claus Reichelt ; Helena Rennkamp ; Ele Runge ; Anne Saalfeld ; Christiane Schedelgarn ; Anita Schreiber ; Hans Werner Seyboth ; Bjorn Sieg ; Lizann worry free ; Walter Steineman ; Klaus Stighorst ; Silke Storjohann ; Charlotte Strelow; Christine Wahn ; Elke Werner ; Anja Witt ; Kirstin Wolf and Charlotte Zils

animalia V

The fifth of the animalia-series opening on 26.02.2022.


45 artists present pictures, objects, sculptures and photographs on the subject of "animal"


The exhibition starts on 26.02. till 07.05.2022


Vernissage on Saturday, February 26, 2022, 5:00 p.m


Kunst- und Galeriehaus

Lohrheidestraße 57

44866 Bochum-Wattenscheid


open times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 17:30-20:00


Saturday 12:00-17:00

Sunday 11:00-15:00




More infos under www.b-i-k.info (external link)


Vernissage and exhibition take place within the framework of the applicable Corona Protection Ordinance.

The 2G regulation currently applies. Proof of vaccination/recovery must be provided. 


 The exhibition is not open during the NRW Easter holidays from April 9th to April 24th, 2022 and on all weekends in April.


The exhibition is organized by Kunstkreis Wattenscheid e.V.

Corona Exhibition

Living Art - Systemically relevant

virtual exhibition "in 2 darkness"

short tour through the exhibition

virtual exhibition "Fleeting"

Mappe "Fleeting" part 1

pictures seen in this video

Mappe "Fleeting" part 2

pictures seen in this video

first virtual exhibition - shortstorys part 2

pictures seen in this video

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Preparation Part 2

pictures seen in this video

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Preparation Part 1

pictures seen in this video

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