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How did I get into artistic photography?


As a child I got my first cassette camera - ratchet click -

In addition to the first photographs, I let off steam creatively; painted watercolors, wrote poetry and played the guitar. In my early twenties, I tried my hand at larger sculptures and collages. However, I always resorted to the medium of photography.


The final spark sparked in my mid twenties. On a night drive across the country road, the buildings flew past me, the first picture was taken.


From then on there was no stopping it. A digital mirror reflex camera was needed. Photo shop was learned and the decision to register into the university was made. 



What are my artistic prioritys?


As part of my studies at IBKK Bochum, I pursued the artistic approach to photography as a medium.

I specialised in abstract photography and street art. I incorporate both (city) landscapes and other objects into my artworks.



What kind of camera do I use to take the pictures?


Technically, I like to use my analog SLR cameras (such as Nikon f100) and other analog devices. By using different films / developers, the anticipation of each development is huge. Of course, the analogue process, including the scanning of the films and the rework, takes an enormous amount of time, but it's worth it.

In addition, I take my DSLR/DSLM and the smart camera at hand.


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