Thumbnails (con-)temporary

fast-Art to Go - an installation

Welcome to my summer project.

 How to use the installation

  1. Come closer and try to identify the printed art-pieces inside
  2. Feel the excitement and search for a 2€-coin (only accepted coin)
  3. Insert the silver-coin and start turning the wheel carefully
  4. Listen to the sound - the aching and cracking till the "blob
  5. Grab your treasure-pod behind the flap
  6. Open the pod (ball)and take your temporary art-piece out
  7. Leave the pod in the treasure-box of sustainability 
  8. Turn your thumbnail-art of art up and down, to see the silver or paint reflections
  9. Share your thoughts. Talk about the art-work, interpretation and your feelings. 

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the concept behind


We have the possibility to consume art faster than ever. Online-events, social-media, uncountable exhibitions - every day... Always on the run for the next kick.

Fast-art is vibrant and addictive -I have no doubt.


Sometimes the previews of new-art-pieces are more important than the pieces itself.

It feels like thumbnails. 

These little versions of all of the pictures on mobile-phones, computers and tablets help us in many ways. They let us remember the last events, give us an idea/preview of the data inside the files... They are so common in use that they feel casual.

Maybe we are not even consciously aware of them as a "thing".



The thumbnails are interpretations of the original files. This interpretation produces sometimes own completely different images, not even close related to the original file. On a mobile we would think of an error and delete the thumbs. Than the mobile will start to calculate them again.


The art-prints in this installation are so different from the files, that they are seen as an own original piece. The finishing with silver-leafs or paint makes them completely unique.


The self-deleting-process (thermo-print) is underlining the theses of fast-art, as one perspective of the project. Another perspective of using thermo-print is the similarity to analog photography. If they are not well preserved they start to change and disappear.

Only if you preserve them, you could maybe hold on to the prints - but they are made for a change. 


The interaction with the installation is a conscious decision to become part of it. As soon the decision is made it will trigger a lot of emotions in the process. So the user and the process itself becomes a reliable part of the installation/concept.


 The serving suggestions are available to give a preview to some of the goods insight the machine. It leads to an easier natural access to the concept itself. 


The use of silver is a referent to the analogue photography, as well as the use of thermal paper.

Both are reacting with sunlight/temperature. Both are related to light-painting. Both are trying to save a moment in time, trying to hold on to it - but they are only capable to do so in "black and white" and only for a certain time (if not preserved).


The installation will not judge fast-art, it is part of it.

But how can an art pieces be associated with fast-art, if it is triggering emotions and produces memories?




  • thermal prints on paper and stickers
  • each signed & finished with real silver-leaf sprinkles or paint
  • pod/balls
  • pod-treasure-box for sustainability
  • pod-machine


Terms, conditions and disclaimer for participation (using)

   With using the installation you agree to the following.


Safety fist

  • Use this installation judiciously and with respect.
  • If you are using the wrong coin please do not try to spin the wheel - to avoid damages.
    Please ask the service for help.

The following points are part of the installation - no refund - no reason for complaining. 

  • The installation is for adults only. - Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Some pictures are showing people in different clothes e.g. human puppies, cast, leather, etc. 
  • It is possible that some images are showing nudity on art-level (no porn).

  • The pods are meant to stay in the treasure-box - not for take away.
  • The prints (paper and/or stickers) are age, light and temperature sensitive.
    They will change and/or disappear - this is on purpose.
  • The prints are low in quality and not well cut.

  • These standalone art-works can only be seen as a new interpretative preview of a more or less "related" art-work. Especially the printer-/paper-properties, as well as the art relevant-finishing make these art-works unique.
  • There are abstract- and concrete-images available, you can't choose a specific one.
  • All rights for the art-works, installation, concept and intellectual property stays with the artist. 

If you have questions please contact me, e.g. on instagram bjoerns_art*  or email

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